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Rules of the Game

  1. Purchase one or more strips of cards  from one of our local retailers (see a list here).
    Three-card strips cost $5.00.
    The game starts with a top-line and a bottom-line Bingo game.
    The game finishes with a full-card Bingo.

  2. Winning cards must be legible, dated for the appropriate telecast and be printed in the correct colour (see the colour listing here).

  3. Winning cards must be verified by telephone to 1 (888) 558-5355 during a period no longer than ten minutes after the bingo telecast has ended.

  4. Prize(s) will be divided equally if there is more than one winner.

  5. Potential winners must complete the form on the back of their sheet of three bingo cards.

  6. Potential winners must mail their entire winning sheet of three cards to: Kinsmen Super TV Bingo, 124 Lindsay Rd., Selwyn ON K9J 0C5.

  7. Winners will be announced during the following Bingo telecast and will appear on the Website Winners page shortly after.

  8. The winner(s) are determined by a bingo being created by the fewest balls called.

Prize Structure